Censor denies certification to 'MMS Kaand', clears 'Vatsyayana Kamasutra Part II'

May 30, 2014, 15:04 IST | Bharati Dubey

The Censor Board has denied a certificate to Kanti Shah’s film while Sanjay Khandelwal’s take on Kamasutra has been cleared

The examining committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has denied certification to Kanti Shah’s film, 'MMS Kaand'. At the same time, it has cleared director Sanjay Khandelwal’s film, 'Vatsyayana Kamasutra Part II', after rejecting it five times.

Vatsyayana Kamasutra Part II
Vatsyayana Kamasutra Part II

Shah, who is known to make B-grade films with heavy sexual content, is planning to show his film to the revising committee in a bid to get it cleared. He says, “The fact is that they know nothing about cinema and there are for just there for tea and biscuits. Anyway, I am going to approach the revising committee and show them the film. I hope to get it passed.”

On the other hand, the Censor Board has finally cleared the sequel to Sanjay Khandelwal’s film, Vatsyayana Kamasutra Part II, nine months after it was sent for certification. A source from the Censor Board says, “A senior board member has cleared the film.”

Khandelwal points out that it has been a long drawn fight for him. “Initially, the board objected to the use of the word Kamsautra. Even after I explained to them that it is part of Hindu mythology and that my film just aims at educating audiences about sex, the tribunal rejected my film saying that it bordered on porn. Finally, I got the revised version cleared from the revising committee,” he says.

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