Chandelier OR creepy smile?

Apr 03, 2013, 00:05 IST | The Guide Team

The installation Denture Venture by Siddhartha Kararwal is in the form of a 11-foot chandelier and it took the artist three months to collect the necessary brushes from the city's street markets.

Part of the exhibition A Matter of Importance at Sakshi Gallery, Kararwal (28), who is an alumni of MS University Baroda, crafted Denture Venture using ‘Made in China’ cleaning brushes (arranged in the form of dentures) that he found across Mumbai’s markets.

“When brushes are juxtaposed they resemble dentures and portray an eerie monstrous smile. It reflects the industrial construct of matter and the monotony of making such products.

The pink palette is supposed to reflect the artificial construct (products are plastic, hence not natural),” says Kararwal. It was inspired by Jewish chandeliers and has seven layers (considered auspicious).

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