Channel apologises after presenters caught uttering F-word

Oct 04, 2012, 12:02 IST | Agencies

A popular British television channel was left red-faced when one of its presenters was caught swearing off-screen.

A British television channel was forced to apologise to its viewers after TV presenters were caught swearing off-screen during the channel’s live breakfast show.

Viewers reportedly heard a disembodied voice exclaim "What the f*** is that?" at the start of an item during a TV programme. A microphone that had been left outside the studio recorded the four-letter word.

“During the programme, we accidentally played out not-for-broadcast audio containing an audible swear word. The error was caused by a radio microphone inadvertently being left outside our studio,” a report quoted a channel spokeswoman as saying.

“Our presenters apologised on air as soon as the mistake was identified and we are reviewing our procedures accordingly,” she added.

The foul-mouthed outburst also became a popular talking point online as users sent messages about the slip on Twitter, the report said.

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