Chaos at Madhuri Dixit event: Bouncers, cops rough up women

Sep 12, 2014, 01:41 IST | Abhishek Shende

Nearly 1,000 fans had gathered to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood actress who had arrived in the city to inaugurate a museum and later visited a jewellery store at Laxmi Road

Nearly 1,000 fans, who had showed up to catch a glimpse of actor Madhuri Dixit as she inaugurated a private museum in the city in the morning and visited a jewellery store in the evening, had the event ruined for them by rude bouncers and cops, who allegedly roughed up the women in the crowd.

Brute force? A policeman was spotted in a threatening pose as a woman tried to catch a glimpse of Madhuri Dixit at Laxmi Road yesterday evening. Pics/Shashank Sane

Madhuri Dixit

“The bouncers behaved badly with us, and were pushing the women in the crowd. My camera also fell down and the bouncers were yelling at us, asking us to leave the place,” said a fan, Gauri Joshi, who was present at the event. This mid-day reporter was also present at both the morning and evening events, and saw that there weren’t enough female police officials to manage the crowds, and that bouncers and cops were misbehaving with women.

“Bouncers didn’t allow any person to go close to the shop, and they were pushing the people around,” added Joshi. When incidents of the misbehaviour were brought to the notice of Rajendra Sawant, inspector in-charge of Vishrambaug police station, he laid the blame squarely on the bouncers, accusing them of trying to show off and manage the crowd despite policemen being there. “Bouncers shining maar rahe thhe (The bouncers were showing off),” Sawant told mid-day.

Madhuri was in the city
to inaugurate the Dajikaka Gadgil Museum, built by P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd, and she also visited their Laxmi Road store in the evening to mark the centenary of late Shri Dajikaka Gadgil.

When Inspector Sawant was asked why there weren’t enough female police officers, he admitted that only a few of them were present initially, but said that more had been called in later. He, however, denied that any policemen had misbehaved with female fans.

At the evening event, however, mid-day noticed that female officers were missing again. The crowd’s tempers were rising as the people managing the event were letting some people go inside the store, while others were asked to stay back. Around 6.30 pm, mid-day also witnessed a verbal spat between a woman and a policeman.

While the policeman was heard saying that he hadn’t hit the woman, she was asking him to talk to her properly.
The bouncers, meanwhile, had put up a rope to control the crowd around the showroom, and people complained of being pushed and manhandled by them.

Madhuri's driver fined

Madhuri Dixit’s car was found parked in a no-parking zone in front of the P N Gadgil Jewellery store on Laxmi Road,
and her driver was fined Rs 200 for the offence in the evening, DCP (Traffic) Sarang Awad told this paper.

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