Chargesheet stolen from court, tampered, replaced

Apr 16, 2013, 06:22 IST | Akela

An unidentified person sneaks out chargesheet from Esplanade Court, deletes accusations, forges court stamp and senior cop's signature and resubmits it

In a multi-faceted crime, an unidentified person snuck out a police chargesheet submitted at the Esplanade Court in Fort, doctored it with fake stamp and signature and slunk the document back in the court after deleting some of the charges. The chargesheet was filed by the Azad Maidan police against advocate Charanjeet Chandrapal for attacking advocate Mahesh Vaswani inside the Bombay High Court’s bar room.

Senior PI of Azad Maidan police station Deepak Dhole has now appealed to the court seeking action in the matter, after Vaswani informed the court of the tampering. “The court asked me to file a reply in the matter which I have done,” said Dhole. As per records, on October 5 last year, Azad Maidan police registered the FIRs of lawyers Vaswani and Chandrapal.

Chandrapal had registered a case under IPC section 324 (voluntarily causing hurt) against Vaswani, alleging that he had attacked him with a knife in the court’s bar room. Vaswani in turn registered a cross-complaint, accusing Chandrapal and his associate Milind Borkar of assaulting him in the bar room. After investigations, cops filed a chargesheet in the case.

Fiddler in the court
On March 3, Vaswani called for copies of the chargesheet from Azad Maidan police station and the court. While comparing the two documents, he was shocked to notice that an entire paragraph filed against Chandrapal had been erased.

“Someone had deleted 16 lines from the third page, forged the court’s stamp and SPI Dhole’s signature and re-submitted the chargesheet in the same court. I informed the court about the tampering with the document, following which the court asked Dhole to file his reply,” said Vaswani.

According to Vaswani, some text accusing Chandrapal of influencing the probe against him by sending repeated SMSes to investigating officer and senior inspector of Azad Maidan police had been wiped out. On April 9, Dhole wrote to the additional chief metropolitan magistrate of the 37th court, Esplanade, requesting appropriate action. MiD DAY has a copy of the letter.

Offensively defensive
When this reporter contacted Chandrapal, the advocate abused and threatened him, and accused SPI Dhole of tinkering with the document. He said, “SPI Dhole himself has tampered with the documents. If you dare to publish this report, I will task you legally. I will file a defamation suit against Dhole, Vaswani and you. I will meet the police commissioner and complain against you. Right now I am going to file an extortion FIR against you. I will complain that you were threatening me to withdraw the complaint.”

By late night, Chandrapal had sent this reporter around 12 long, threatening messages. An excerpt: “I have put an NC complaint against you for criminal intimidation under section 504 of IPC along with the accused (Vaswani) who is using the press for criminal intimidation and extortion… Enough of your press. Why is the press so concerned about this chargesheet criminal (sic)?” The subsequent messages threatened this paper with contempt of court.

Missing charge
The text deleted from the chargesheet states: “It is further submitted that in spite of several requests to place all the evidence before court of law, the applicant himself is in the habit of influencing the police machinery by sending text messages to the investigation officer as well as his supervisory officers in order to prove his point and gain mileage since the case was at investigation stage.

All these SMSes are hate message campaigning against his opponent Mahesh Vaswani. Applicant has sent about 100 to 150 SMSes to investigating officer, Senior PI of Azad Maidan police station and other senior officers to campaign against Mahesh Vaswani. This he does in spite of repeated requests not to influence investigating officer or Senior PI of Azad Maidan police station.

However, he continues with his act and sends messages even today. This in itself is a method used by the applicant to either influence the investigation of above two cases or put pressure on the investigating officer. Although most of the old text messages from mobile have been deleted some of the recently sent text messages are copied herewith in annexed page (Enclosure T1 to T9). It is humbly requested to the Hon’ble court that direction may be given to the applicant to refrain from his such act.” 

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