Charlie Sheen's got an ear for comedy!

Apr 23, 2013, 00:06 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Charlie Sheen believes he has an ear for comedy. The actor, who was recently seen in the fifth installment of a spoof scary film, believes it's really difficult to make people laugh.

When CS told the actor that he’s really great at comedy, he replied, “Calling me great at comedy is very flattering and if you want to insist that that’s the title I have, then I will take it. It’s better than being called a lunatic melting down.” Charlie spoke to about co-star Lindsay Lohan, dealing with lows and visiting India:

Charlie Sheen

All praise for Lindsay
Lindsay’s a great girl. Someone I can probably relate to. During the shoot, she was shy and vulnerable, but her instincts are dead on. I was hoping that she would pick my brain a little bit on the set. That’s the one thing that was really missing from the experience.

Dealing with lows
I don’t have a set of rules about how I deal with it. It’s just that I pull up my socks, think about my lovely fans and my kids, bring my A game and perform. That’s what I’m supposed to focus on and that’s what I do. I don’t pay much attention to what the critics have to say. For me, the only critics that matter are my fans.

Colourful India!
I would love to take out time to visit the country. As of now, my visit to India will depend on my schedule. But if I get a chance I definitely would like to visit the country. I’ve heard so much about India and the movies, how they are so colourful but unfortunately I haven’t seen any yet. Given a chance, I would love to watch a few. 

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