Cheating man wears board with confession to apologise to girlfriend

Apr 06, 2012, 13:42 IST | ANI

A man in Britain, who cheated on his girlfriend, was seen parading around town wearing a sandwich board with his written confession to show her how sorry he was

Joe Page, 26, a stand-up comic of Brighton, made the move after his girlfriend Jess Little discovered on Facebook he had a secret date with another woman.

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“I cheated on my girlfriend. I am humiliating myself to show I am sorry,” he wrote on the front of the board, and on the back: “I love her so much. I will do anything to get her back. I am so sorry.”

“I think people had some sympathy for me because I looked like a complete idiot,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“It was interesting when I saw couples. Men seemed horrified that someone was going to these sort of lengths,” he stated.

One woman found it romantic, and another said that most were laughing, while the men tried their best not to acknowledge him.

Page persuaded artist Little to meet up and the couple went to the beach for peace talks.

Afterwards, Page said he was being given another chance - while he sleeps on the sofa at their flat.

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