Prabhadevi gets a new habitat

Jan 20, 2014, 09:29 IST | Dhara Vora

Prabhadevi’s newest eatery in a bustling, religious neighbourhood, The Habitat, offers a variety of cuisines at reasonable rates for the devout and the hungry

The usually quiet lane near the Prabhadevi temple was abuzz with crowds of devotees who thronged stalls that were selling knick-knacks and food items for Paush (Hindu calendar month) celebrations at this time of year. Amid the whiff of homemade pickles on sale and giggly kids atop toy-aeroplane rides, we spotted The Habitat, a no-frills new restaurant in an area that isn’t particularly known for its eateries.

Settled in the mezzanine level, we spied on the menu that offered the usual bets including Indian-Chinese favourites — Paneer Chilly, Fried Rice as well as desi A-listers like Paneer Tikka Masala gravy, along with pizzas and burgers as well (which will be available soon we were told).

We decided to play safe and ordered Korean Chicken (`120) from the starters section, and Schezuan Chana (`80) for something to munch on. For the mains, we ordered the Habitat Special Rice (`120: veg / `150: chicken). Being the lone customers at the restaurant, the service was very quick; we hope it stays the same while negotiating big crowds as well.

The first dish to grace our table was the Korean Chicken that pleased us in both taste and quantity. Spicy with hints of sweet in between, the batter-dipped chicken pieces is the sort of Indian Chinese comfort food that one craves for after a hectic day. The dish also had bits of mushroom thrown in. The delightfully crispy Schezuan Chana made us wish for a glass of chilled beer for company. With the spice levels rising, we ordered for a glass of cola to soothe our throats.

Soon, our rice dish arrived, served with a Chindian (Chinese Indian mishmash) gravy on the side. The rice plate consisted of three sections of differently flavoured rice — a complete value-for-money meal that can be shared by two people.

The Habitat has a decent variety on offer, and boasts of pocket-friendly rates too (`80 for a chicken pizza!). So, for those who aren’t worried about calories and love the cuisine-fusion variety of grub, The Habitat can be a good option to order in from or even sit down for a quick bite after a blessed visit nearby.

At The Habitat, near Prabhadevi temple, Prabhadevi.
Call 24301166

The Habitat didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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