Cheesy licks and sizzling hoagies

May 15, 2013, 00:32 IST | Kanika Sharma

The new sandwich joint, Sizzle Cafe at JP Road, Versova introduces the city favourite in international ish-tyle with taste and aplomb

One wonders about the kids of today and possible things that will roll off and around their tongues such as carpaccio, khao suey, panna cotta, ganache, coulis and god knows something that will just leave us flabbergasted. We remember our scurrying little legs that would tiptoe for those mayonnaise-laden, shredded cabbage-clubbed bites. Widely considered exotic, mummy’s quotidian cucumber ghastlies would pale in comparison.

Growing up did change many a things including this foreign import but the cheddar cheese-coloured joint stoked our appetites with its three-pronged fork. Breezy and bright, Sizzle Cafe’s outdoor area looked dapper with the PVC pipes, which worked as plant holders. Pint-sized, compared to the neighbouring cafe, still the pipe connection imbued a peppy zest to the ceiling, too. A classroom-sized blackboard with colourful chalks stacked aside invites doodles from kids and adults alike.

Country Style Chicken Sausage with the horned insignia. Pics/Kiran Bhalerao

This find of ours wasn’t exactly on the Internet radar so we decided to tuck in, on the opening night itself. The inside was cool once we entered but with the grills just a glance away invoked hell in discomforting ways. Coughing because of the rampant sizzling, we placed our order of a Country-styled Chicken Sausage (Rs 95), Philly Mushroom and Cheese (Rs 175) and Chicken BBQ Meatballs’ (Rs 135) Sandwich. In full swings the glutton we, asked for Nacho Supreme (which were supposed to be Rs 45 as an offer of the day but we were charged Rs 85) and Hell Fries (Rs 85).

The much raved about PVC pipes and the sunny ambiance of Sizzle

All Berry Milkshake (Rs 85) and One Mint Chocolate Chip and Cream (Rs 85) were pure slurpies to go with these wholesome meals. With the place stacked to the T, we opted for a comfortable Saturday night PJ party instead. Opening up the boxes, the nachos and fries were divine for the dripping cheesy concoctions they were made to be. Our Philly Sandwich was accompanied with few potato wedges that we suspect were straight out of the freezer.

All the sandwiches we ordered came served in hoagie rolls. Other options on the menu are focaccia breads that we suppose are equally appetising. The first had a generous dose of coloured capsicum, grilled onions and mushrooms along with melted cheddar cheese. For the meat devotees, the Country Style Chicken Sausage will score high; it contained caramelised onions and tomatoes grilled with marinara and melted cheddar cheese that we feel could have been more about the meat.

MAP/Amit Bandr

Call us tainted, but we love a heady mix of gravy infused with lava-type cheese in our Meatballs’ sub. The barbeque sauce was roll-soaked and the capsicum, red onions and diced tomatoes with cheese will go down well with veggie lovers. The Berry Milkshake was sweet and tangy refreshing our palates while the mint chocolate chip shake was a tad bitter. Sinners of food, we loved the service, the ambiance, the horned insignia burned onto the food and lastly, plates from ecoware reducing us to mush. Gawp, we say!

Eating out buzz
Chao Ban has opened where Joss used to be on Rampart Row — it’s a Blue Foods venture and has Nanking chef / owner on board because the goal we hear, is to offer Royal China quality and food at Nanking-esque prices. Our secret scout tells us that private tastings have already begun. We can’t wait to drop by for an anonymous review. Watch this space!

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