Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae on JW Cafe's Thai street food festival

Jul 31, 2015, 08:10 IST | Suprita Mitter

The mention of Thai street food conjures up imagery of savoury and tangy delights, and who better than a Thai chef to roll out the fare. As JW Café hosts a Thai street food festival, we speak with Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae about the real deal

Q. What is the staple street food in Thailand?
A. The Thai street food usually comprises hot soups such as Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kha Gai, salad — Som Tum, meats (chicken/ lamb/seafood/pork), grilled satays, steamed noodles in ka chay curry, Pad Thai, Thai curries like Panang curry, Green curry, red curry, yellow curry, Massaman served with Jasmine rice, stir fry with fresh vegetables or meat in ginger sauce, black pepper sauce or basil sauce. Thai pancake with coconut milk too are seen being cooked and served on the streets of Thailand. We also have a variety of freshly cut fruits such as Mangosteen, Rambutan, Dragon fruit, Pomelo and Durian that are sold as street food.

Prawn Pad Thai
Prawn Pad Thai

Q. Have you tried Indianised Thai food, available in many restaurants in Mumbai? What do you think of it?
A. I have tried Indianised Thai food. It tastes delicious and has bold flavours. However, my palate is used to authentic Thai dishes that are robust yet balanced in flavours.

Thai Food Platter
Thai Food Platter

Q. Apart from coconut and lemongrass, what are the essential ingredients that are integral to Thai cuisine? Are they easily available in Mumbai?
A. The key ingredients found in a Thai kitchen are bird’s eye chilli, Thai basil, galangal, lemon grass, kafir lime leaves, pandan leaves, fresh cilantro. All these ingredients are easily available in Indian supermarkets these days.

Thai Veg Green Curry
Thai Veg Green Curry

Q. What can one expect from the Thai street food festival?
A. Thai street food is all about bringing popular Thai street food to JW Café. I have recreated an authentic Thai experience with grilled satays, made-to-order noodle soups (vegetarian or non vegetarian), freshly pounded salads, Thai curries with Jasmine rice, stir fried vegetables, meats, seafood, rice and noodles, and a vast array of freshly cut fruits of Thailand. I have put in all my efforts to create an authentic experience, which can be matched only by the real experience in Thailand.

Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae, Thai Chef, JW Marriott Hotel, Sahar
Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae, Thai Chef, JW Marriott Hotel, Sahar

Q. Which Indian dishes are popular in Thailand?
A. Butter Chicken, Rogan Gosh, Dosa, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tandoori are a few popular Indian dishes in Thailand.

Q. Have you sampled any Indian street food?
A. I have tried the Mumbai chaats and would like to try other dishes too.

Till: August 1
Time: 7 pm to 11 pm
At: JW Cafe, JW Marriott Hotel, Sahar, Andheri (E). 
Call: 28538888
Cost: Rs 1,555 + taxes

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