Chefs show the way as Mumbaikars frown

Jan 28, 2013, 09:51 IST | A Correspondent

Celebrity chefs in the city were dismayed by what's unwittingly cooking in most Mumbai kitchens. They shared with MiD DAY a few simple customs they follow to ensure what they are cooking is clean and devoid of any impurities. They also had some tips for Mumbaikars, left horror-struck by the repelling and disease-causing farming practices, on how to tackle the problem of contamination of fruits and vegetables

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
MiD DAY’s expose is appalling. But what is more unfortunate is that we all know this is happening and that it’s not right but we react as if we are helpless and carry on with our lives. We continue to accept whatever is given to us as if we have become immune to everything. For a change, let us resolve to eat and live healthy. It is difficult to gauge what is good and what is not at a glance, unless we spread awareness.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Buy from a vendor who cares for basic hygiene while displaying and handling vegetables and fruits
At the time of selecting fruits and vegetables do not hesitate to use your instinct and sensory organs smell, touch and look at them. Go for the ones that please you. Avoid those which do not have natural colours and shapes
Make it a habit to wash them three to four times before chopping
Ensure that vegetables are cooked properly and steamed, instead of eating them raw

Chef Hemant Oberoi
Such findings help in spreading awareness, which is the need of the hour. We usually rinse vegetables in the special rinsing machine. We even add 10 ml of chlorine per litre of potable water for cleaning the vegetables before chopping. We also have an in-house hygiene laboratory which keeps a check on quality.

Chef Hemant Oberoi
Chef Hemant Oberoi

While selecting green vegetables select those with crisp leaves and a fresh look
Customarily clean them three or four times before chopping and cooking
Avoid preserving leftovers. Eat fresh and stay healthy

Shock and eww

The jaws of many Mumbaikars, who swear by the benefits of green vegetables, dropped when they realised that they might be eating lethal bacteria, possible parasites and heavy metals in their meals. Here are some reactions:

Green vegetables

This has come as a shock to me. I have always believed that green vegetables are essential. I hope there is some way out of this and the people doing the dirty business stop soon. I will make sure I wash the vegetables ten times before chopping and cooking. Eating them raw is out of the question now. Dipika Shamra

I have a 6-year-old daughter and I obviously inculcated the habit of eating green vegetables in her. But after this expose, I feel I should keep my child away from them because how can we trust the vegetable vendors if the product delivered to them is only not healthy. We use to earlier eat raw radish, I just hope we don’t fall sick due to so much of intake of it. Minal Manjrekar

I am tired of this constant trail of ‘shocking news’ streaming in. Something or the other of the sort keeps coming up. The veggies we thought healthy are now a cause for harmful diseases. But I will of course be careful and will steam them before eating them. Pratibha Rajesawant

This needs to stop! We are consuming something that comes from gutter water. These farmers should be made to understand the serious consequences of growing vegetables in a squalid environment. I cannot stop buying vegetables but I will try and cook them more. Uma Oberoi

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