Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's best excuses

Aug 06, 2014, 08:31 IST | Agencies

Every time Chelsea do badly, it's always someone else's fault, according to Chelsea boss. A day after he slammed the referee once again for the Blues' 0-3 loss to Bremen, we look at some of his favourite excuses...

Blaming referees is Mourinho's favourite tactic when his team loses

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho 

March 15, 2014 Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
We must be very, very unlucky to have another refereeing performance like this one. This is not about one mistake from a referee. This is about a performance from minute one to minute 94

April 19, 2014Sunderland 2-1 Chelsea
Congratulations to Mike Dean because he made a fantastic performance. And congratulations to Mike Riley because what they did during the season was fantastic for the way the championship is going. So congratulations to all of them, and I have nothing more to say. I'm sorry

Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o and Demba Ba were the main culprits behind many of Chelsea's losses last season if Jose Mourinho is to be believed

February 20, 2014
The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker. I have Eto'o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?

April 2, 2014 PSG 3-1 Chelsea
I'm not happy with my strikers' performances so I have to try things. We couldn't transform half-chances into goals

May 4, 2014 Norwich City 0-0 Chelsea
Our strikers are good strikers, no doubts about that. But they are not the kind of players... with three or four players around, they can get the ball, they can dribble on, they can see the space, they can make the shot. So when the team is in a difficult situation they are not able normally to resolve the situation for us

Parking the bus
January 29, 2014 West Ham 0-0 Chelsea
It's very difficult to play a football match where only one team wants to play, very difficult. A match is about two teams playing. This match was only one team playing and another team not. This is not Premier League. This is not the best league in the world. This is football from the 19th century.

Evolution of time
On why his Chelsea side had shipped more Premier League goals from September to December than in the entirety of the 2004-05 season

December 15, 2013
Ten years ago I had a mobile phone of two kilos, and today I have a BlackBerry. The evolution of the times

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