'Chennai Express' and 'OUATIMD' heading for a showdown?

Aug 07, 2013, 08:31 IST | Jigar Shah

Multiplex owners seem to be caught on a sticky wicket about Shah Rukh Khan and Ekta Kapoor's upcoming films

While the SRK starrer and Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming film were initially scheduled to clash at the box office on Eid, it was the producer who blinked first. It was upon her father Jeetendra’s insistence that she pushed her film back by a week. But looks like August 15 is going to pose yet another problem for the two camps.

Deepika Padukone

Ekta’s film is now set to hit the marquee on the Thursday after Eid. And according to industry insiders, those close to Shah Rukh feel why his team should let go of the seven-day week to Ekta’s film. A source says, “SRK’s team has asked multiplexes not to reduce the stipulated number of shows for Chennai Express on Thursday to accommodate Ekta’s film.”

Ekta Kapoor

Exhibitors say thanks to this strange dilemma, multiplex screens are undecided on how to do a fair division of screens for both the films on August 15. An official from a leading chain of multiplex on conditions of anonymity confirms, “It is going to be a nightmare for the programmers, as they have to make four plans for the two films.

Chennai Express has paid previews on Thursday. The second set will include the days from Friday to Wednesday, the third will be for August 15 when Ekta’s film releases and then for the week ahead.” An Ekta Kapoor loyalist argues, “There may be a stalemate between the two films right now but the ultimate fate will be decided based on how much SRK’s film can sustain over a week.” Ekta remained unavailable for comment.

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