Cheryl Cole, involved in car crash

Aug 31, 2012, 09:27 IST | PTI

Black Eyed Peas star and singer Cheryl Cole were left with bloody noses and whiplash following a minor car crash.

The pair were pictured with blood streaming from their noses and down over their mouths as they sat dazed in the car moments after the accident, in Los Angeles, reported Daily Mail online.

Cheryl Cole and
Cheryl Cole and

The crash occurred after they left a studio following a long 'day and night' of recording and it was who was behind the wheel of the 100,000 pound Cadillac that drove into a parked car.

Cole wiped away tears as her passenger side airbag failed to open and she was thrown headfirst into the dashboard. Eye-witnesses said that's airbag inflated and hit him in the face, which caused him to have a nose bleed, but Cole's injuries were slightly worse as she was left with bruising too.

After police were called out to the scene the Black Eyed Peas rapper was taken to the nearby Cedars Sinai hospital where he emerged later wearing a neck-brace. Both of them took to Twitter to assure fans that they are fine.

"Car accidents are not dope. I am glad I am ok. Cheryl Cole (and I) were coming back from the studio but she and I are fine... just a little whiplash," posted on Twitter. Cole also said that no serious damage was done to either of them. "Don't worry me and ( are fine, promise," she wrote. 

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