Cheryl Cole takes to social media to slam critics over tax evasion

Jul 16, 2014, 08:36 IST | A Correspondent

English footballer Ashley Cole's ex-wife, singer Cheryl Cole, in a Instagram post yesterday put up a picture showing off her rear alongwith a kiss icon

English footballer Ashley Cole's ex-wife Cheryl yesterday took to social media to indirectly slam critics claiming she has evaded lakhs of pounds in taxes.

Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole (Pic/Getty Images
Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole (Pic/Getty Images 

Cheryl recently shut down an Irish business that some claimed helped her save 200,000 pounds across three years. It is learnt that Cheryl channelled her earnings through Tara Entertainments and paid just 12.5% tax rather than 21% that is mandatory in the United Kingdom.

Though technically Cheryl (31) has not broken any law, some experts claim her decision to close Tara two months ago may suggest she wants to avoid tax evasion accusations.

Cheryl's spokeswoman however claimed that the former pop star had to shut the Irish business as her accountant of 13 years had opened another office.

Accountant's problem
"The accountant was recommended by Louis Walsh, who at the time managed her as part of Girls Aloud. Her accountant recently set up an office in London, so Cheryl's Irish company has been dissolved," said the spokesperson.

The singer though made her intentions clear through an Instagram post where she put up a picture showing off her rear alongwith a kiss icon. One of her followers, SophieL immediately wrote: "Is this a 'kiss my a***' to all the tax dodging business?"

Some backed the former singer. One Chunky wrote: "If it's legal, most would do it given the choice. I would." Another, Jim said: "It's legal, so what's the problem?"

Cheryl set up a British parent company CC Entertainments International and Tara in 2011. the Irish company showed assets worth 2.5million pounds at the end of 2012. The lower corporation tax structure in Ireland means she avoided paying over 200,000 pounds in taxes that she would have had to in Britain.

Cheryl Cole drops Ashley Cole's surname

Cheryl Cole has finally decided to drop the famous surname she got from her ex-husband and former England footballer Ashley Cole.

The former pop star divorced Ashley in 2010 following allegations that he cheated on her, after a four-year marriage. However, she retained the surname.

That's before her sudden wedding over the weekend to Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini. Though she hasn't yet adopted her new husband's surname, Cheryl has changed her profile names on both Twitter as well as Instagram.

Cheryl dropped Cole from both profile names and set up new profile names — @CherylOfficial on Twitter and missCheryl on Instagram. Her five million-strong Facebook account however continues to remained under Cheryl Cole. 

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