Child abducted as police fails to watch CCTV footage

Mar 10, 2013, 04:36 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Cops at high-security Dadar station did not monitor CCTV for two hours. Recording shows a young man loitering at platform 6, before picking up one-month-old boy and running away, even as his mother sleeps

A one-month old boy was stolen from the Dadar railway station on Saturday morning despite cops supposedly monitoring every move on CCTV at the station.The entire incident has been recorded on the CCTV cameras installed at the station but no policeman seems to have monitored the cameras as the incident was taking place. The railway police have now registered a case and have formed teams to nab the accused. The boy was sleeping along with his mother and his three-year-old sister on platform number 6 of Dadar station, near main entrance.

Child abduction caught on CCTV, cops fail to watch it, Mumbai
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CCTV captures the incident
According to GRP officials, the CCTV footage proves that at around 4 am a man in his 30s arrived at the spot where family was sleeping. He is seen loitering around for nearly an hour. The police said as trains were coming and going and due to many commuters at the station, the accused was perhaps unable to kidnap the child immediately. After almost two hours, at 5.59 am (as per the CCTV footage timing), the accused is seen approaching the family, pushing the mother a bit and when she does not move, picking up the baby quickly and moving out of the station.

The final footage shows the mother waking up after a while and finding her child missing, running up and down the platform. Later cops spotted her and a case was registered. Speaking to the media later in the day, a senior police inspector said the accused could still be in Mumbai since he has not been spotted boarding a train. They are trying to find out if he boarded a bus from Dadar instead.

The incident has raised several security concerns as Dadar is one of the most important and crowded stations in Mumbai. The senior police officer, who spoke to SMD, said, “We have formed teams to trace the accused and hope to arrest him soon.” The woman later told the cops that she had recently fought with her husband, which was the reason why she was sleeping on the platform with her children. 

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