Child's dying wish inspires Easter egg donations for ailing kids

Mar 27, 2014, 06:55 IST | Agencies

Lucie Harford lost her battle with cancer recently, but wanted kids in her hospital ward enjoy an Easter egg hunt

Wales: The selfless and generous 11-year-old who died this week after battling cancer for eight years is being honoured by her family — who are granting her wish of organising an Easter egg collection for other sick children.

Eleven-year-old Lucie Harford, who had a brain tumour, could not speak as she came to the end of her life but she could communicate with her mum Donna by squeezing her hand.

When asked if she wanted anything, Lucie, who loved Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty, said she didn’t want anything herself, but wanted to give something to the other poorly children in the hospital ward where she was being cared for.

As a result of her wish, the community has pulled together and donated hundreds of Easter eggs, which will soon be delivered to the Sky Ward at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales.

Her mother Donna (35) said: “Lots of people were asking if there was something they could buy her, but she didn’t want anything. Because she couldn’t talk, we said that if she wanted anything she would have to squeeze our hands.”

“If Lucie was here now she’d be organising the Easter egg collection. Before she died she even put collection tins in the local shops and raised money for Latch, the Welsh children’s cancer charity.

She was awfully kind and when she raised the money for charity she was so proud. It’s comforting to have so many fulfilling her wish. It’s helping me keep busy,” said Donna. Lucie got a brain tumour when she was three and after she fought it, was in remission for nearly six years, before it came back in January last year.

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