'Children need to be counselled well'

Oct 18, 2011, 09:08 IST | Himani Kothari

Get set this Thursday as Cine Darbar hosts a three-day children's film festival in the Capital

Get set this Thursday as Cine Darbar hosts a three-day children's film festival in the Capital

It's time for us to appreciate the work of some talented and committed  film-makers of children's films and encourage the exchange of ideas amongst them. So, in an initiative to make the children aware of good cinema and support social initiatives promoting causes of children's welfare, Cine Darbar is organising a children's film festival in collaboration with Children's Film Society, India in the Capital.

A still from Charandas Chor

On being asked where the idea of celebrating a film festival for children came from, Supriya Suri, artistic director, Cine Darbar says, "Cine Darbar have been travelling to a lot of schools all over India to conduct workshops. In the process we realised that children do get to know about the culture, craft, customs and everything in schools but not films. And that was when the idea of conducting a children film festival striked us-a festival wholly dedicated to the world of children. Our main aim is to catalyze critical appreciation and creative pursuit of cinematic arts amongst children and young people. Film appreciation is something children and youth still need to be aware of."

The festival will not only showcase the films but workshops will also be conducted on script writing, cinematography, direction, acting methodology from industry experts. There will also be quizzes and competitions and gifts will be rewarded to the winners. Also, a segment where the films will be discussed and children can raise questions, is on the cards.

The featured films will be a mixture of Hindi, English and regional cinema. Following are the films that will be showcased. Krish Trish and Balti Boys, Lilki, Chutkan ki Mahabharata, Karamati coat, Halo, Charandas Chor, Sunshine barry and Disco worms, The Danish Poet, Yeh hai Chakad bakad Bumbe Bo.

Today, there is a lot of influential content available on TV. Films that are full of sex, violence and provoking stuff. On asking if there is any way to stop kids from watching it, she adds, "It's not just the TV that perverts the minds of children but there are many other ways like Internet, phones etc. And if they want to see it, they will see it anyhow. So instead of scolding the child or stopping him the better way is counselling. They just need to be counselled. And that is why we thought showing them some good cinema. It will affect them in a good way."

Cut-n-keep schedule
20th october
10 am Krish Trish & Baltiboys by Munjal Shroff/60 min
1 pm lilki by batul mukhtiar/69 min
21st october
10 am Chutkan Ki Mahabharat by Sankalp Meshram/87 min
4 pm Karamati Coat by Ajay Kartik/90 min
6.30 pm Halo by Santosh sivan/92 min
22nd october
11 am Sunshine Barry and Disco Worms by Thomas Borch Nielsen/78 min
3 pm the Danish poet by Torrill Kove/15 min
4 pm Yeh Hai Chakad Bakad Bumbe Bo by Sridhar Rangayan/82 min
6.30 pm Charandas Chor by Shyam Benegal/156 min

At SIRI FORT AUDITORIUM-3, August Kranti Marg
Ring 9958301195

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