Chill with ice cream, less the guilt

May 23, 2012, 07:46 IST | Anjana Vaswani

New Delhi-based frozen yogurt company Cocoberry's outlet at Tardeo has been up and running for over a month now, but its menu still doesn't include everything that's mentioned on the website and the staff seem ill-equipped to handle customers or questions

The hot pink-and-chocolate signboard is almost as inviting as is the promise of air-conditioning, and the visibly clean interiors allures the parched soul on a scorching summer afternoon in May.

Instead of choco chips and coconut ice, Choco Pom Yum Bomb came topped with coarse dark and white chocolate chips but was refreshing nevertheless

Our expectations are immediately dampened the minute we step in and find we have to struggle to separate chairs and tables, which have been squeezed together so snugly that even a stick insect would develop a weight complex.

Small is cool
It’s a small space and we can understand that accommodating everything within its confines must be difficult, but surely there must be some way to organise the seating so customers don’t have to pick between sitting beside the dustbin or the mosquito electrocuting device. Mount the device somewhere maybe and have the staff clear up waste so the dustbin can stay out of sight.

We are however impressed to find the place spotless and bug-free, despite the sweet toppings that lie uncovered behind the counter. Two attendants struggle to explain the Mother’s Day promo — “Buy one get one free,” says one at last, wishing us a happy mother’s day so many times we wondered if we were meant to tip them.

The menu card offerings didn’t always match with what was mentioned on its website

They offered us samples of two varieties of frozen yogurt and while the chocolate flavour just didn’t combine well with the tartness of the yogurt, we did like the second flavour they offered us — the stumbling twins had forgotten what they had given us though.

Menu vs website
“Cocoberry is made with fresh pro-biotic cultures, yogurt and non-fat milk,” according to their website — it must be, it certainly tastes like frozen Yakult. Strawberry sinful needed a more powerful strawberry essence, but Au Naturel, we imagine, should be a real hit with sweet lassi lovers.

Then, it was amusing to watch the attendants try to dissuade us from ordering a pomegranate-chocolate dessert or anything from their “combos” list. The Mother’s Day promo was not extended to these, it seems. With neither the sandwiches nor the beverages listed on the website available on the menu, we insisted on trying the Choco Pom Yum Bomb (Rs 159).

Though the menu promised “choco chips and coconut ice,” this came topped with coarse dark and white chocolate chips (there was nothing remotely coconut-tey about them), but the preparation was refreshing and the combination of flavours worked well, they were easier on the tongue than that inane title.

And while we’re on the subject of titles, isn’t everyone awfully tired of seeing “naughty” chocolate-preparations, the devil and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on these froyo and ice-cream parlour menus? It’s been 200 years since RL Stevenson was buried! Time to visit a library after this session, perhaps.

At Shop No 3, ground floor, Vaidya Mansion, opposite SOBO Central, Tardeo; call 23531905
Cocoberry didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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