China's head coach blames referee for Wang Xin injury

Aug 06, 2012, 09:35 IST | IANS

Chinese badminton head coach Li Yongbo accused Danish referee Torsten Berg of causing injury to Wang Xin in the bronze medal match against India's Saina Nehwal

“When Wang asked the referee to have the sweat on the floor wiped clean, he refused, and that was why she slipped and injured herself,” Li said to Xinhua news agency.

“It was ridiculous. A player who takes time to wipe off the sweat on the face could be suspected of intentionally delaying the match. But when there is sweat on the floor, the referee should have it wiped off or allow the player to clean the floor.”

China’s Wang Xin (in red) is led away from the court after sustaining an injury while playing against India’s Saina Nehwal in their bronze medal match on Saturday. Pic/AFP

Wang withdrew from the bronze medal match against Saina after winning the first game Saturday.

“I slipped when I was trying to return a net shot,” Wang said. China’s team doctor Li Quanyi said Xin was in a lot of pain with suspected ligament damage. “It was a new injury, something to do with the sweat on the court when she slipped.”

Xin was sent to a hospital to receive nuclear magnetic resonance test.

Li said he had no intention to appeal, “but the injury was serious, otherwise she wouldn’t have given up.” —  

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