Chinchwad police crack 17-month-old accidental death case

Feb 20, 2013, 08:29 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Reopening of case, followed by detailed probe, leads cops to witness, one of deceased's friends, who saw the murderer hit the victim on the head with a blunt object

Officials of the Chinchwad police station solved the case of the mysterious death of 21-year-old youth Pritam Raut, who died of severe head injuries in September 2011, following which the officials had registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR) in the matter.

Investigation revealed that Raut’s death was not an accident but a murder, and arrested Akash Chaugule (18), for thrashing Raut. It was also learnt that Raut had accused Chaugule of being involved in petty thefts in the area.

Raut friends admitted him to a hospital after he fainted following a fit attack on September 4, 2011 and sustained grievous head injuries. He succumbed to the injuries on September 7.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone III) Shahaji Umap said, “After Raut’s death, the Chinchwad police officials received a call informing that Raut’s injuries were not accidental, but he was thrashed.”

He added that then Police Inspector P Lokhande, along with his team, rushed to the hospital and sent the body for post-mortem to ascertain the exact cause of Raut’s death. But as the autopsy report failed to reveal it, the officials thought that somebody had pulled prank on them and registered an ADR in the case.

Umap said, “The officials of the Chinchwad police station, who were investigating some old accidental death cases, recently came across the case and reopened it. Their investigation led them to Amit Lagas, the eyewitness, who spilled the beans during interrogation.”

He said that agitated by Raut’s accusations of him being involved in petty thefts in the area, Chaugule hit Raut on the head with blunt object in his head after a verbal spat, following which Raut collapsed and started bleeding. The two then took him to a nearby hospital, where they told the doctors that he had collapsed after suffering a fit attack.  

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