Chinese bank boss suspended after he 'spanks' employees

Jun 22, 2016, 08:25 IST | Agencies

The move came after a video showing eight employees being beaten went viral

Beijing: Footage of Chinese bank staff being spanked for poor performance at a training session has gone viral, triggering public anger and the suspension of the bank’s boss, reports said yesterday.

The video showed eight employees – four men and four women — lined up on a stage and being asked by a man
why they came last in a competition. After getting answers including "failing to exceed myself" and "lack of cohesion," he shouted: "Get your butts ready!" and proceeded to beat them several times with what appeared to be a thick wooden paddle.

One woman who tried to protect her posterior with her hands was ordered to remove them, yelping when she was hit. Some Chinese reports cited employees of the Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank, said that other trainees had their hair shaved as punishment.

The Beijing Times reported Tuesday that top officials including the chairman and the Communist Party chief of the bank, a rural lender in Changzhi in the northern province of Shanxi, had been suspended for "failing to conduct proper checks on the training programme."

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