Chinese eatery leaves locals with itchy noses

Jul 11, 2013, 01:03 IST | Rubina Choudhari

Pungent smell from spices used at The Corner Spot has led residents of Nerul's Sun Plaza to complain of health issues like cold, cough; noise from the restaurant also a sore point

Residents of Nerul’s Sun Plaza society have claimed that a Chinese food eatery, which is operating on the ground level of their society, has been bothering them. They say the harsh odours from the spices used for cooking has not gone down too well with them.

What’s cooking? The harsh smells from The Corner Stop is causing residents of Sun Plaza society to suffer from respiratory problems, they claim

DSV Ranji (57), a resident of the building and a lawyer , has been suffering from severe cough and cold due to the pungent smell.

“I have a huge balcony and I sit there every evening but now because the smell of the Chinese food is so strong it gets unbearable. The smell is affecting my health and I have a bad throat, constant cough and cold nowadays. The shop shuts at night but creates a lot of noise in the day,” said Ranji.

Residents say that initially a small snack eatery was operating at the very same place, which soon got converted into a Chinese restaurant called The Corner Spot.

A few months ago, when a few senior citizens started complaining about health issues, they realised the gravity of the situation.

Anuradha Kotalwar (55), another resident of the building, said, “We stay on the third floor yet the smell is very strong. My husband is a heart patient and for him it is difficult. It also gets noisy at night.” The smell of the food is so strong that residents have to keep the windows shut. Despite repeated complaints to the chairman of the society no action has been taken.

G K Nagi (55), a resident, is even planning to sell his house ashe cannot tolerate the smell anymore. “The place remains open from around 2 pm to midnight and is very noisy. Due to the smell I have been sick for a few weeks and have been vomiting,”said Nagi.

The owner of the diner, Imad, said, “Health issues of the residents did come to my notice and I will try to make sure that they don’t face any such problems in future.”  

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