Chinese man operated after he puts live eel up his bum

Apr 11, 2013, 12:12 IST | ANI

In a bizarre incident, an unidentified porn addict had to be rushed to the hospital after he reportedly inserted a live eel up his backside which started moving through his body

The unmarried man from Southern China was inspired to perform this act after seeing it done in a kinky blue film, the Sun reported.

He also took himself to a hospital casualty unit in Guangdong province and pleaded for the medics help.

Hatke news, Chinese man operated after he puts live eel up his bum
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After a lengthy treatment with drugs and medical probes, the surgeons successfully removed the 20-inch long Asian swamp eel from the 39-year-old man.

One of the medical team explained that the eel was only trying to find its way out and it was still alive when we got it out but it died soon afterwards.

They added that it was a particularly idiotic thing to do and could have caused him a serious injury as eels have small but very sharp teeth.

A police spokesman said that the man would be interviewed over alleged animal cruelty.  

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