Chinese man slashes 10 school kids, kills self

Mar 01, 2016, 08:18 IST | Agencies

This incident, that left four girls and six boys with head injuries, marked the return of social revenge attacks

Beijing: A man armed with a large knife slashed at least 10 children, two of them seriously, outside a primary school yesterday and later killed himself, marking the return of social revenge attacks on soft targets in China.

Six boys and four girls suffered head injuries in the attack at Yangfan Primary School in Haikou. The children were taken to hospital, with two of them being treated for serious injuries that were not life threatening.

Witnesses said the pupils were lined up to be released for lunch when the man approached them from outside the school gate. A clinic owner said the pupils were aged about eight. Bloods stains and abandoned belongings such as shoes were seen scattered on the ground outside the school.

Police has sealed the area around the school. It is not known yet what prompted the man, identified as Li, to attack the children. His motionless body was later seen lying in a lane near the school. It was believed that he killed himself after injuring the students.

Police were investigating what they described as a “vicious criminal case brought on by extreme actions,” the report said. China periodically witnesses social revenge attacks carried by disgruntled people who chose soft targets to vent their anger. Numerous attacks have been carried out in the last few years by such people on primary school children. Some also set fire to moving buses causing heavy casualties.

Most of the people who carried out the attacks were described by the police as mentally disturbed.

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