Chunky plays monkey

May 03, 2012, 07:55 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Chunky Pandey playing Akhri Pasta, was one of the most loved characters in his recent film. He talks to CS about humour:

My innings in Bollywood
My comedy gives me the chance to play a completely different character every time. It’s like being married to a new woman everyday.

I’m just a-joking
I love it when others make fun of me. That’s because I love being the centre of attention. I’ll let you in on a secret... most Chunky Panday jokes are started by me. It’s the best way to be in people’s hearts. That is why I urge people who I crack jokes on, to not take them personally.

Prankster for real
I was shooting with this director once who was known for grabbing food from everyone’s plates. He was especially fond of chocolates. So once, I placed a US brand of chocolates strategically for him to ‘discover’. This chocolate is known to be a laxative. Sure enough, he grabbed it.
I planned to let him have some and then take it back. But he finished it all in a minute. Needless to say, shoot was cancelled for that and the next two days.

The joke’s on me
While shooting for Housefull 2, Akshay took the entire crew for dinner. As the dinner came to an end, one by one, everyone left to go either to the loo or for a smoke or to pick up mint, and I was all alone when the bill came. I had not even bothered to get my wallet as Akshay was treating us. The bill was obviously huge. No one could be found and when I asked the valet, they said my whole group had left. So not only did I not have the money, I didn’t even have a ride back to the hotel. Finally, Akshay showed up with everyone and they had a good laugh. They had already paid the bill but just wanted some entertainment on my expense. I am just happy my expense was limited to laughter and not the bill.  

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