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Sep 02, 2012, 11:40 IST | Dhara vora

Italian food chain Ci Gusta! has entered the Indian market but it needs to get things running soon to keep up with the already saturated yoghurt market in the city

After a point, it gets clear that if Ci Gusta! (spelt with the exclamation mark) wants to live up to what its name means in Italian (which is “we like it”), they must show spunk to make Mumbaikars return the favour. After international chain Yoforia setting up shop in the city, it’s now the turn of another yoghurt and gelato selling chain. Internationally, Ci Gusta! sells soups and pizza too, but here, they’ve stuck to yoghurt and gelato. To get your scoop, you’ll need to head to R City mall in Ghatkopar.

Ci Gusta’s outlet. Pics/ Dhara Vora

We spotted their well-dressed kiosk in a new section at the mall where stores haven’t opened yet. Since it had opened just three days ago, there was little variety on offer. Ci Gusta! serves its gelato ‘tenero’, which means “from a softy machine”, and on the day we went there they just had two flavours on offer. As for the yoghurt, they served it in the form of smoothies, not by the cup. So we asked for a Kiwi Green Apple Smoothie (Rs 129) and their specialty, the Sweet Burger (Rs 139). The sugar content in the smoothie was too little for our liking and though the green apple flavour was obvious, the smoothie tasted rather bitter. To add to our woes, it was served at room temperature. Blasphemous! Thankfully, the next two orders kept us engaged, and we didn’t regret spending our time at a kiosk instead of shopping at the huge mall during season-end sale time.

The sweet burger is made in a special machine that aims to seal the gelato inside buns, which are then heated so we have a hot and cold combination.

Though our order didn’t have the delicious mango gelato sealed in the bun entirely, it was great way to add a twist to serving gelato and stepping up the novelty factor. Our last order was a Chocolate Parfait (Rs 179). The chocolate gelato, though too creamy for a gelato, was delicious and the process of choosing our layers for the parfait was fun. We added nutella, watermelon bits, caramel coated almonds, fudge and strawberry syrup in our parfait (which our attendant topped with a jujube candy) and our grouse about the dessert being expensive was waived away.

With a gelato outlet offering a dozen flavours a floor away, and yoghurt hubs increasing their topping choices by the day, Ci Gusta! needs to up its best showing on the menu. After all, not every customer settles for a yummy burger that costs Rs 129 when they can opt instead for a cup filled with gelato for one fourth of its cost.

Ci Gusta!
Ci Gusta!, phase II, ground floor, R City mall, Ghatkopar (west) 
Food: Okay 
AmbiAnce: Alright
Service: Helpful 

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