CIDCO MD asks officials to be more vigilant

Jul 29, 2012, 08:53 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

Asks officials to speed up the demolition process after MiD DAY reported on the delay in razing illegal structures at Kandivli's Green Heritage

After MiD DAY reported on July 24 — ‘In 3 days builders ‘raze’ windows of a single wall’ about how Abhishek Developers, removed just window panes of one side of the high-rise Green Heritage at Kharghar in four days, Tanaji Satre, managing director of CIDCO, swung into action and instructed his officials to speed up the demolition process and demolish illegal portions of the building as early as possible.

Abhishek Developers have violated the deadline and only removed the window panes of the tainted Kharghar high-rise Green Heritage. File Pic

Consequently, officials of anti-encroachment department, who were not seen at the Green Heritage building for the four days since July 20 when they were supposed to oversee the razing of the illegal structures, have been visiting the building two to three times a day, to monitor the demolition, which is being done by the developers themselves. Earlier, CIDCO had stopped the demolition and extended the deadline to to developers to demolish illegal structures by three months. However, following the MD’s instructions on Tuesday, a team of six CIDCO officials visited the Green Heritage building twice on July 25, to monitor the progress of the demolition by the developers.

Sources in CIDCO said Satre called up officials of the anti encroachment department on Tuesday and rebuked them for the way they
handled the demolition case and extended the three-month deadline.

When contacted, Satre said, “I have taken notice of the issue of demolition of the Green Heritage building and have instructed my officials to demolish illegal structures of the building immediately.”

However, although it has been nine days since the commencement of the demolition of illegal structures by the developers, no significant progress has been made so far. The developers have removed just windowpanes of the clubhouse in nine days. The chief controller of unauthorised constructions (CCUC) claimed that CIDCO would start demolition only if it finds the developers have stopped removing illegal parts from the building. “We have received instructions from the MD and we are acting as per instructions. If we come to know that the developers have stopped the demolition, we will start demolishing the illegal portions immediately,” said Anil Patil, CCUC of CIDCO.

Meanwhile, CIDCO may also start the demolition again on Monday if it finds that the demolition undertaken by the developers is not satisfactory. 

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