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Oct 27, 2015, 08:22 IST | Dhara Vora

A new venture, 1018mb, lets you screen a film of your choice at a time and theatre you pick

  After having a memorable experience of watching a classic film, have you wished to watch it on a big screen? Or have you been put off by the forgettable list of films playing in the nearby multiplex?

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A new adventurous venture, 1018mb, and a little patience might be the answer to your cine wishlist. Started a few weeks ago, the company helps you create a film-screening event — all you have to do is pick a cinema hall, time and the film. The company takes care of dealing with the venue and the screening rights. Since the venture is just a few weeks old, one would have to promote their event through their social media pages to meet the target for the audience. If you don’t meet the target, the money paid for the tickets will be refunded. The company currently has all the films under National Film and Development Corporation of India archives and several international films too.

Actress Saumya Tandon, founder of
Actress Saumya Tandon, founder of

You can even request to screen a popular Khan blockbuster, though the ticket prices would rise due to the expensive screening rights. This too can be a success if you manage to find like-minded people ready to shell out big bucks for the screening. The company gives you a choice of hosting a screening at preview theatres and clubs, too.

Hence you can have a smaller target to achieve (the cost can range from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000, depending on the venue and the screening rights).

Actress Saumya Tandon (currently seen in the TV show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!) is the brain behind the company. “Currently, our entertainment options in the city are limited to watching a film or going out for a dinner.

Even then, you are restricted to watching only the films that have a major release, and the venue might be far away. Through 1018mb, we aim to make film viewing democratic by letting you decide what film would be screened. We even take care of making the calculations of the minimum number of seats that need to be booked to break even. If you exceed the number, you get a share of the profits,” shares Tandon. Those living in the suburbs, with hardly any preview theatres, can avail of single-screen cinema halls to meet the target.

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