Citizens' group wants barricades at all bus stops

Aug 07, 2013, 01:21 IST | Salil Urunkar

The traffic police have decided to reinstall barricades near bus stands at University junction on Ganeshkhind Road to avoid accidents

A city-based commuter group PMP Pravasi Manch has demanded that bus bays be marked distinctly at all major bus stops and that the traffic police, PMC and PMPML officials should not come under pressure by the autorickshaw lobby and opposition by local residents.

For safety: The initiative was first taken in 2010, but was scrapped due to complaints of obstruction of traffic

The traffic police have decided to reinstall barricades near bus stops at University junction on Ganeshkhind Road. A similar initiative was taken in 2010 but citing obstruction to traffic the barricades were removed a year later. Besides University junction, authorities also removed barricades at bus stops on Fergusson College Road, and Jangli Maharaj Road.

Jugal Rathi, president of the manch, said, “There have been several fatal bus accidents recently at bus stands at Deccan, PMC, Khadki Bazar, Katraj, Upper Indira Nagar, Fatimanagar etc. The bad planning, indiscipline and negligence of bus drivers, encroachment and parking of autos and private vehicles at bus stops has made bust stops unsafe.”

“Simple but effective measures like distinct marking of bus bays, placing barricades on the road, displaying No Entry and No Parking boards, monitoring the sites by PMP, police & citizen volunteers can enhance bus stop safety by over 50 per cent,” said Rathi.

“In addition to the inefficiency and lack of coordination amongst PMPML, police and PMC officials, there are pressure lobbies of local residents and traders. Negligent and indisciplined PMPML bus drivers also don’t want bus bay barricades at bus stops,” Rathi added.

The deputy commissioner of police (Traffc) Vishwas Pandhare said, “We have discussed the bus bay issue with PMPML authorities. We are trying to implement these measures. The traffic police department can install barricades at the bus stops temporarily, but PMPML authorities should be more proactive with permanent arrangements.” 

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