Citizens paying Rs 700 per tanker

Apr 03, 2012, 09:06 IST | Vivek Sabnis

While panicked residents of Bibwewadi, Hadapsar and Karve Nagar are opting for water tankers to fulfil their daily water requirements due to the ongoing water crisis in the city, tanker suppliers have hit a jackpot, as they are charging exorbitant rates per tanker

Anup Avasthi, a resident from Eesha Empire at Hadapsar, said, “Water supply in Hadapsar, Sasanenagar, Mohammadwadi and Handewadi has been badly hit. Other societies, including Ganga Village, Sanskruti Society, Etasha Society and Vardhaman Housing Complex are facing similar issues. Though there is water in the tap, but it lacks pressure. This leads to just 10% filling of the society’s water tank.”

Avasthi, who is also an RTI activist, alleged that several water tanker owners are charging almost three-fold for providing 10,000 liters of purified water to.

Helpless: One of the water tankers ordered by residents Yashodhan Society in Bibwewadi yesterday. Pic/Renuka Suryavanshi

“I am filing a formal complaint against such tanker owners with the PMC. This is against the norms set by the corporation for water tanker service providers. The normal rate is Rs 300 is for 10,000 litres of water,” he said. Avasthi also stated that on several occasion, water provided by tankers is turbid and leaves them itchy after bath.

Mukund Gujar, chairperson of Yashodhan Society of Bibwewadi and Eknath Bartakke of Geeta Society in Karve Nagar, made similar complaints.

When contacted, Jagannath Hingne of Shrinath Tanker Service said that his company was charging Rs 700 per tanker to Lulla Nagar locals for supplying water from Ram Tekdi water station. “We are charging extra because of the great distance between Ram Tekdi and Lulla Nagar.”

Balasaheb Gondhale, president of Water Tankers Association, said, “People level allegation against us because we are soft targets. Nobody understands that this is a noble work through which we earn our bread and butter. Why should we charge more money?”

“We are yet to receive an official complaint against any of the tanker owners. Complainant sshould specify the name of tanker driver, registration number of the vehicle and name of the supplier,” said V G Kulkarni, development engineer, water Supply department. He also rubbished the charges that quality of water provided by tanker suppliers is inferior. 

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