City social scientist bags William Clinton Fellowship

Jun 27, 2013, 07:23 IST | A Correspondent

Vishwas Momle (34) is the recipient of the prestigious William Clinton Fellowship of American Indian Foundation this year. Among a total of 35 researchers who were selected worldwide, he is the only Indian in the list.

Vishwas, who is a graduate of computer science, has had an enchanting journey in the field of science. Till six months ago he was working for an MNC. But, after serving the corporate sector for 12 years, he decided to quit his job and start serving the society. He has developed a special model of education, which brings him this fellowship. 

“It is my observation that in the education sector, in some fields there is talent but not enough opportunities. On the other hand some fields have developed so much that there are lots of opportunities but a lack of talent. Through this model that I have developed I want to integrate these fields,” said Vishwas.

He has recently completed an MA in Economics from SP College. “We have been emphasizing on traditional careers and approaches for too long. A number of students feel the need to be part of the social change but have insufficient information of the ways and methods,” he said.

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