Civic body asks Italian firm to sort out city water woes

May 04, 2012, 09:06 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

R19 crore project to detect leakages and find solutions to ensure equitable water distribution in city gets underway

The civic body says it is on the job to ensure summer next year does not bring drinking water woes for residents of the city like it has this time. An Italian company, Studio Galli Ingegnria (SGI), and the PMC are working on a pilot project that will help bring about equitable distribution of water in the city.

It is for the first time that SGI is working on any project in India and it has charged the PMC around Rs 19 crore for it.

The Italian job: The pilot project taken up by Studio Galli Ingegnria will detect leakages in the 3,000 water pipe connections in the city. Then, the firm will work on a solution for equitable water supply

Never done before
According to the PMC water department, the project is the need of the hour as water audit and water metering were never done since the PMC came into being.

Talking about the ambitious project, SGI Chief Operating Officer Sagar Shah said an exhaustive study of leakage spots was the first step in the process.

“Our pilot project is to detect the leakages in the 3,000 water pipe connections of the city. After the water audit, we will work on the solution that will equalise the water supply in the city,” Shah said.

Water audit
The water audit identifies and quantifies unaccountable water losses and leaks at each point of use within and around the facility.

Shah said a team of 80 technical experts was working on the project, in which a door-to-door survey is held to ask about the quantity of water residents get everyday.

“Our comprehensive study will examine major areas like sanitation, building process, irrigation work and mechanical process where water is used in a huge quantity,” Shah said.

Water department head V G Kulkarni said the PMC had entered into an 11-year agreement with SGI.

“Since the inception of the PMC, water auditing and metering were never done. The issue came before the Standing Committee four times, but got rejected. This time the tender has been passed and the PMC has tied up with SGI for 11 years,” Kulkarni said.

Kulkarni said the work has begun from the grassroot level and though it would take some time, it would be useful considering the water shortage was a big problem faced by residents over the past few years.

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