Civic body fails to promote vasectomy

Aug 26, 2013, 02:19 IST | A Correspondent

Declining number of vasectomy cases in data with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has again highlighted lack of awareness in males as well as the civic body's failure to call attention to the conception prevention method. So far this year only 1.15 per cent of the surgical procedures were conducted in the city for family planning have been vasectomies.

The recent figures from the city family welfare bureau of PMC have highlighted the fact that only 54 vasectomies have been carried out since April among 4,660 family planning operations. “Only 203 vasectomies were performed out of 13,039 surgeries for planned parenthood in our hospitals between April 2012 and March 2013,” informed Anjali Sabne, deputy medical officer (Health), PMC.

Few and far between: The vasectomy ward at Sassoon Hospital. File Pic

 “Doctors need to counsel men about the benefits of vasectomy, rather than having women undergo tubectomy. Patriarchy is the major reason behind the current situation. On many occasions physicians/nurses persuade the women rather than the men, as they know the latter would be more reluctant,” said Dr Anant Phadke, senior advisor at Sathi (an NGO).

“There is dire need of awareness among males about vasectomy – that it is a simple procedure, doesn’t cause impotence, and does not affect sexual prowess, etc.,” Phadke said. PMC organises special camps to boost up vasectomy and has also introduced incentives. “We pay Rs 1,100 to undergo vasectomy and the promoter gets Rs 200,” informed Sabne. PMC’s figures also bear out that most tubectomies are performed after the second child — 3,165 of 4,660 family planning surgeries fall in this category.

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