Claiming news channel connection, 4 of a family cheat bank of Rs 330 crore

Apr 24, 2013, 07:08 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The accused, who the police say are from the same family, asked for a loan in 2010 saying they were buying equipment for an international news channel

A very renowned bank has registered a complaint with DN Nagar police station regarding a fraud case of Rs 330 crore. According to the complaint, the bank was approached by a few investors wanting money to buy equipment for an international news channel. However, later the bank found that there was no such tie-up and approached the local police in Andheri. A police source said at present there are four accused mentioned in the FIR, but the list of accused may increase during the course of investigations.

According to police sources, the accused identified as the Jains approached the bank saying their company has a huge contract with the channel. The accused even provided documents to prove the same. The investors alleged the accused met the bank staff at a hotel in Andheri (west) in 2010 and provided all documents. All the documents were later found to be forged.

A 39-year-old UK national who is the legal expert of the bank approached the DN Nagar police station and registered the complaint yesterday. A police officer said, “The case is worth several crores therefore it has been transferred to the economic offences wing of the Mumbai police. There are four accused mentioned in the case who we think are from the same family. But, during the course of investigations we expect the number of accused to increase.”

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