'Click pictures of potholes, not animals'

Sep 20, 2011, 08:54 IST | Varun Singh

On his return from Gujarat, MNS chief Raj Thackeray takes potshots at estranged cousin Uddhav

On his return from Gujarat, MNS chief Raj Thackeray takes potshots at estranged cousin Uddhav

IT appears that Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray is using every given opportunity to criticise his estranged cousin Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena's executive president.

On his return from Ahmedabad, where he had gone to lend support to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's three-day fast, Raj hinted that his cousin should pay more attention to the potholes in the city, rather than visiting other states to click pictures of animals.

"The BMC has come up with a plan wherein Mumbaikars can click pictures of potholes and send it to the authorities. However, I suggest that instead of visiting other states and clicking photographs of animals, it would be better if one photographs potholes here," said Raj.

"Then they would realise the shoddy state of affairs -- all their doing," he added.

Commenting on his growing camaraderie with the Gujarat Chief Minister, Raj added that Modi would be his ideal candidate for the post of prime minister.

"The development that Modi has brought to Gujarat is commendable, and if anyone asks he is my choice for PM." 

However, in spite of growing fondness towards Modi, Raj refused to comment on any alliance between his party and the BJP.

"Right now I haven't decided on any alliance. Everything will be thought of after February, when the BMC elections are expected to be held," he said. And when asked about his uncle's scathing criticism of Eknath Khadse, leader of Opposition in Maharashtra about euologising Gujarat at the cost of Maharashtra, Raj added, "After Balasaheb returned from the US in the 80s, he couldn't stop praising the US in all his speeches and always made comparisons to Maharashtra. Over here everyone knows there are potholes, load shedding and even though no one talks about it, the public can still see with the help of the media."

Raj did not shy from talking about other topics.

When asked why he had not visited Anna Hazare during his fast in New Delhi against corruption, Raj explained, "When I wanted to meet Modi, I didn't have to seek an appointment with a group," he said adding, "However if I wanted to meet Anna, I would have to take an appointment from others. I have respect for him and will meet him soon."

Raj's digs at Uddhav
In the past too, Raj Thackeray has passed comments about Uddhav's penchant for photography.
In May, last year, Raj had acknowledged that Uddhav was a 'great photographer'. He had said, "No questions about his photography skills. Uddhav is a great photographer."

Experts claim that he had intentionally made those comments to play down Uddhav's role as a politician.

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