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Mar 03, 2013, 08:46 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Leena Singh's website is a one-stop shop to buy dog food, toys and accessories, and also get cutomised solutions about your pet.

soft toys, balls toys, shampoo, dental care, bath accessories, deodorants, special car seats and even food based on your pets weight. Click, and get it all delivered home. In return, you will get unquestioned love, a constantly wagging tail and an occasional loving lick!

Your pet dog’s style just got better
“Most pet owners buy dog food that is readily available off the counters. But one should understand that the needs of every breed is different, just like that of children of different countries,” says Leena Singh, director of Tailbuddies(.com).

Leena Singh, founder of Tailbuddies with her two pet beagles

The realisation that millions of Indians love to keep pets, mostly dogs, but have little or no knowledge about maintaining expensive breeds, led the 32-year-old Singh to start this Delhi-based online firm last year.

Apart from providing premiere dog food, the website also provides grooming tools, supplements and toys. Singh explains, “We wanted to help dog owners with facilities that are not easily available in our country.”

A bunch of four week-old beagle puppies

Singh once a dog breeder, especially beagles, which made her very popular in her locality. Singh says, “People would ask me about dog food and where to procure it. The shops were so difficult to locate that sometimes I used to accompany them to buy a particular product.” A dog lover in a true sense and a proud owner of seven dogs, Singh knew her business idea would work.Explains Singh, “Every breed is different, they all need different food, and every dog doesn’t like bones.”

But starting this venture was not an easy task. Singh explains, “ We knew we didn’t want to start a shop, because of various complexities such as permissions, lack of space. So we came up with the idea of opening an online shop.”

This also needed a lot of research. Singh explains, “We travelled abroad in search of brands such as Royal Canine and Dr Clauders that were most popular in the US. This helped us to come up with a concrete list of products that we were very keen to introduce in India.” Today the website offers a free home delivery option all over India. However there are courier costs involved if an order costs below Rs 2000.

Singh, who plans to expand these services to other pet care solutions elaborates, “ We plan to introduce dog care services like how to breed your dog, toilet training etc in another three months.” She also plans to include information on other pets such as fish, hens, rabbits and birds. “I want to start providing information on feeding and other customised solutions through training sessions for all kinds of house pets,” she signs off.

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