CoEP's health survey reveals 30% girls have anaemia

May 20, 2013, 02:45 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

A recent health survey carried out by the College of Engineering also found out that 1.5 per cent of the girls as well as boys residing in the hostel suffer from high stress levels; they can now consult their doctors on video

Girls living in hostels need to watch their diet, as the varying lifestyle may play havoc with their health. A recent health surveycarried out by the College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) revealed that out of 800 girls residing in the college’s hostel, around 30 per cent were anaemic. High stress level was another common phenomenon observed in 1.5 per cent of the girls as well as boys residing in the hostel.

Taking care: CoEP has initiated a unique health check-up project called ‘AyushDeep’, for 1,800 students residing in college hostels

The CoEP has initiated a unique health check-up project called ‘AyushDeep’, with a private company for 1,800 students residing in college hostels. All students participated in the survey now have an updated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that can be accessed over the web in a secure manner.

“The survey has found 30 per cent girls are anaemic as they don’t have minimum expected levels of haemoglobin. Rather than applying solutions like iron tablets, we have decided to make some specific diet plans to all girls residing in hostels,” said
Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, Director of CoEP.

Prof Birajdar, Chief Rector of the students’ hostel, said, “We identified about 1.5 per cent students who needed special attention in terms of periodic consultations as well as a special diet. We are also taking steps to inform their parents, and are instituting steps for appropriate diet changes in the college mess for those who need special diets.”

The total number of students in CoEP is 3,800. Dr Sahasrabudhe said that in the next phase for the check-up of the remaining 2,000 students would also be part of the AyushDeep project. Pankaj Saxena, Director of Ayushman Ltd, said that the EMR of CoEP hostel students are now ready and students can avail facilities like video consultation, online doctor’s appointments, access e-prescription digitally signed by the doctor and place an order for diagnostic tests and medicines.

Sapna Korde, Rector of girls’ hostel, informed, “Now the students can consult their family physician in their hometown over the web using the video camera and updated medical record.”

A first year M Tech student Bhagyashree Mahale said, “I have never been part of such a health survey before. The results are really eye opening, as the tests result showed that I also belong to the anaemic category. The doctors prescribed some medicines, which I have started taking. The beauty of the project is that they have generated separate accounts for each of us and now I can get my detail medical record in just one click.”  

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