'Coffee was discovered by a goat'

May 22, 2014, 06:38 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Three questions with Jwala Singh, coffee evangelist 

Q. Tell us about the nature of your job.
A. Our job is basically to tell people about coffee and spread awareness. We basically give the consumers the best experience of drinking a beverage that is the second highly consumed worldwide after water and most expensive after petroleum. People do get confused over Irish and Americano or Arabica and Robusta coffee. We enlighten them about the types, darkness and flavours of coffee to suit their likings. It is an interesting job but you need to love the drink to help others enjoy it.

Evangelist Jwala Singh teaching the art of coffee-making

Q. What is your take on the coffee-culture in India?
A. Though the culture is growing fast, we are still 5-6 years behind the coffee culture of other countries. It’s possibly because most of the population has been more exposed to tea than coffee. But surprisingly, India is at number six amongst the top coffee producing countries. We are also the only country to produce the best seed-grown coffee. With youngsters trying out new flavours of coffee, the culture is very rapidly growing.

Q. Tell us some interesting facts about coffee.
A. To get the best coffee experience, never boil your coffee. Brew it.
1. Keep the water temperature about 80 degrees Celsius. Pour the water on your coffee and let the coffee brew for 2-3 minutes before consuming it.
2. If you like your coffee with milk, do not add sugar. It ruins the basic flavour of the drink. Beyond that, milk has lactose in it already which gives it a sweetish flavour.
3. Many people do not like coffee as they think it’s bitter. But the best way to drink your coffee is keeping no assumptions in mind. It has a hidden dark and caramel-rich taste in it.
4. The ideal shelf life of coffee is nine months. The best way to preserve your coffee is to keep it in the fridge in a sealed glass bottle. Take it outside in normal temperature a few minutes before using it. This way, the natural aroma of the coffee is conserved.
5. Very few people know the fact that coffee was actually discovered by a goat. It was a goat owned by a small boy named Khalid from Ethiopia who started acting weirdly stimulated after accidentally eating some berries from a jungle. This is how Khalid discovered the stimulant which was later converted
into caffeine.
6. Coffee Luwak (or Luack) is the most expensive coffee.
7. Commonly Arabica is more expensive coffee as it is flavoured.
Cafe Coffee Day is organising a month-long festival for coffee lovers. You can walk into the outlet and learn how to make a cuppa.

Till: June 20
At: CCD Lounge, Fergusson College Road.

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