Colaba fire: Resident shares midnight ordeal during Metro House blaze

Jun 04, 2016, 12:33 IST | Maleeva Rebello

Nawaz Mansion near Metro House was also close to catching fire, resident Christopher Keeler shares his midnight ordeal

As Metro House was burning and the fire brigade was trying to douse the flames, the six families who live at Nawaz Mansion nearby were watching with baited breath. Christopher Keeler from the building said, “Our building was saved by God’s grace. I live alone and was not in the building when the fire broke out. When I came back all my neighbours were on the road watching. We were near Holy Name Cathedral praying as the fire fighters fought the flames valiantly and saved our building.”

Christopher Keeler
Christopher Keeler

Keeler and his neighbours were able to enter their homes only at 2:30 am when their houses were filled with smoke. “I struggled to sleep, there was thick black smoke. But I was thankful that my building was safe. In the morning when I saw Metro House, the fire brigade was still trying to put out the flames, the once magnificent white building was covered in ash, with smoke billowing and window panes broken.”

Nawaz Mansion, a 120-year-old building is a three storeyed building behind Metro House. “The fire men did a great job and we were watching all the action as it happened from the road. There was fear but also admiration for the men risking their lives to fight the fire,” he ended.

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