Collector approves 150 'Bogus' members for wife's SRA project

Jul 12, 2012, 06:13 IST | Samarth Moray

Affidavit filed by police reveals the Suburban Collector cleared around 150 fake allottees that were created by the developer, whose directors are collector's wife and daughter

An affidavit filed by police in the Bombay High Court on July 6 has revealed how Suburban Collector Vishwas Patil cleared SRA allotments in favour of around 150 ‘bogus’ members.

Plot thickens: The plots in question located at Ghatkopar are being developed by Rockline Properties Pvt Ltd whose directors are Suburban Collector Vishwas Patil’s wife and daughter. Pic/Suresh KK

The plots in question located at Ghatkopar, are being developed by Rockline Properties Pvt Ltd, a company whose directors are the collector’s own wife and daughter.

The affidavit (copy with MiD DAY) states that there are about 150 members who were included in the list for alternate accommodation, without providing any documents like ration cards or other proof.

Though not mentioned in the affidavit itself, MiD DAY has a list of all the names.

This information, provided by petitioner Nasir Khan Zortalab Khan to the police, was sent on July 7 for verification to the Deputy Collector’s office, Mulund and the CEO of the SRA, Bandra (E).

Cops are also waiting for a report from the SRA High Power Committee before taking further action.

The plot of land belonged to Poddar Mill and was later claimed by Rockline and Solari Land Developer Pvt Ltd. Rockline wanted to develop the plot, which is occupied by slums, under the SRA scheme. In 2007, the slum dwellers formed Pankhe Shah Baba Society and began taking the consent of local residents to develop the plot. Unfortunately, the society could not acquire the required consent.

Things changed after Patil’s arrival. As per the affidavit, filed by Senior Inspector of police Krishnaji Gaikwad of Parksite police station, the directors in the company Rockline Properties are his wife Chandrasena and daughter Priyadarshini. The managing director is one Laxmandas Raval.

Patil cleared a list containing the names of several allottees provided by the firm. The names in the list are of persons in four neighbouring plots as well, listed in order to show that the 70 per cent approval required for SRA had been obtained. Accordingly, a letter of intent was issued to Rockline through Patil’s junior deputy collector. A High Court petition filed by Khan has demanded action against Patil and his cohorts for forgery and cheating. The case will be heard by a bench comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar and AR Joshi on July 18.

The other side
Patil, currently posted in Ratnagiri, denied all the allegations. “I have already made representations in various courts stating that I have nothing to do with Rockline Properties. Neither me nor my family are involved with them in any way.” When asked about the police affidavit, Patil denied its contents as well. 

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