Colombian teen keeps suicide pact with Facebook friend

Aug 09, 2015, 08:51 IST | Agencies

Natalia Andrea Sena Bernier's body was found in a hotel room next to Fernan Vellojin, who was obsessed with satanic rituals

London: A schoolgirl was found dead after allegedly falling prey to satanic practices. The body of Natalia Andrea Sena Bernier, 15, was discovered next to Fernan Vellojin, 22, in a hotel near Maria Paz, in the southwest of Colombian capital Bogota.

Natalia Andrea Sena Bernier. Pic/AP
Natalia Andrea Sena Bernier. Pic/AP 

The police suspect that the girl might have made a suicide pact with a man she met on social networking website Facebook, who was obsessed with satanic rituals.

The police did not deny the possibility of the girl being tricked into consuming poison. "There were no signs of violence, but police found a suspicious substance next to the bodies that was sent for analysis," said a police spokeswoman.

Vellojin was from Barranquilla, a city located in northern Colombia, and suffered from depression and psychiatric problems.

Natalia told her parents she was going to meet a friend but did not return home. Her body was found three days after she went missing.

Natalia's parents said she became friends with Vellojin on Facebook and agreed to meet secretly. The family also discovered that Vellojin talked a lot about satanic rituals.

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