Comatose Michael Schumacher loses 1/4th of his weight

Mar 23, 2014, 04:11 IST | A Correspondent

F1 legend undergoing treatment after a skiing accident, has been reduced to just about 50 kilos from his original 70kg-mark

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, who is currently undergoing treatment at a French hospital after suffering a skiing accident in December, is losing weight drastically.

Michael Schumacher. Pic/Getty Images
Michael Schumacher. Pic/Getty Images 

According to reports, the Mercedes ace was around 70 kg when he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the University Hospital of Grenoble immediately after he crashed while skiing in the French resort of Meribel on December 29. He suffered sever head injuries after he banged into a bed of rocks and even injured his brain in the bargain.

He was subsequently put on an artificially-induced coma. However, currently — 84 days after the unfortunate accident — the seven-time German Formula One champion is reduced to just around 50 kg. Reports claim the exact figure may be close to the 52-53 kg mark.

According to Professor Curt Diehm of the Karlsbad teaching hospital in Germany, who has been quoted by a couple of German newspapers, a little weight loss is normal in such circumstances but Schumacher's weight loss is abnormal.

"While a weight loss in coma patients is normal, 20 kilos is a lot for people with normal body weights. One must assume that his muscles have degraded greatly due to the immobility," Dr Diehm said.

Anaesthesia reduced
Reports further claim that doctors at the Grenoble hospital have started reducing the amount of anaesthetic being administered to the 45-year-old, but there are still no signs of any significant improvement.

According to a British tabloid, Schumacher's family have been told that only a miracle can ensure a 100 percent recovery. Doctors have reportedly told the family that even if Schumacher does wake up from his coma, it will be months or even years before he can perform normal daily functions and that too only after intense therapy sessions that will involve both physical as well as mental exercises.

Schumacher's family and manager Sabine Kehm however, recently said that they have not yet given up on the hope of his full recovery. The worst-case scenario for the speed demon is that he could end up in a permanent vegetative condition, where he will remain conscious but won't be able to speak or move.

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