Comedian donates his wife's body to JJ Hospital

Aug 04, 2014, 08:03 IST | Bharati Dubey

Veteran actor Manmauji and his late wife Kiran Mishra had both pledged to donate their organs 25 years ago

Comedian Manmauji has donated the body of his wife Kiran Mishra to J J Hospital. Manmauji and his wife had both pledged to donate all their organs about 25 years ago. Speaking to mid-day, Manmauji said, “I have fulfilled my wife’s wish. After she passed away, I tried contacting Sion Hospital, but since there was no response, I donated her body to J J Hospital.” The actor’s wife was 63 years old.

Dr Lahane, dean of J J Hospital, said, “Yes, he has donated his wife’s body. But it is not really necessary to register oneself for donations. We are happy that more and more celebrities are coming forward and pledging their organs. It will help us in research as well as those in need of certain organs.”

Explaining why he chose to donate his organs, Manmauji said. “While I am alive, I have made people laugh. After death, I feel that it is a sheer waste to burn the body. I am a lover of the environment, and burning bodies requires wood, which I feel is a destruction of the environment. I believe in planting trees, not cutting them. It is better to donate your organs — your eyes can help someone see, your kidney can help someone live a normal life. From what I know, most of the times, medical students get bodies of people who die in accidents — the body of a person who died of natural causes rarely comes to them.”

Not stopping at donating his organs, Manmauji is trying to convince others in the film fraternity to do the same. He said, “I have convinced some of them and will continue to do the same. I am happy that Aishwarya Rai has pledged her eyes, and would like to see more actors come forward to do the same.”

Over 1,000 films

Manmauji has been working in the film industry since 1975 and is registered with the Limca Book of Records for having acted in over 1,000 films. Some of the films to his credit are The Burning Train, Mahaan, Dost, Qatil, Mangal Pandey, Dil, Farishtey, Awwal Number, Khiladi, Baazigar, Aankhein, Dulhe Raja and Jhankaar Beats.

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