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Jun 06, 2013, 04:30 IST | Ruchika Kher

To keep a story close to his heart alive, director Nitin Raghunath, whose film Mere Haule Dost will hit screens this Friday, has also launched a comic book, titled With Friends, based on the story of the film

It’s not easy to let go of an idea that you have conceptualised and nurtured for a long time. Hence, when director Nitin Raghunath’s film, Mere Haule Dost was shelved for some time, he decided to use the story of the film for his other passion - comics.

Page panels from the comic book, With Friends

As fate would have it, the director not only released the comic book, titled With Friends recently, but his film is also slated to for a June 7 release. “When my film got shelved in 2008, I didn’t want the story to die. So, I decided to make a comic book out of it. Since I am a comic book enthusiast and also a collector, this was a natural thing to do,” reasons Raghunath.

Graphic reality
The comic book has been published by Power Publishers that includes illustrations by Fiza Khan, daughter of Grammy Award-winning sitar player Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan. The story of the comic is based in Hyderabad and chronicles the lives of five laid-back friends and their exhilarating journey of friendship, parties, bikes and madness. “It is a young adult comic book with universal themes of trying to make something close to your heart happen,” explains Raghunath, who feels that while comics have always been a big part of our lives, the comic book reading culture in the country is expanding like never before with a growing need to discover new graphic novels.

With Friends, Power Publishers, Rs 200

Storyboards for all
“This increasing appetite for more opens up avenues for new comic book writers and thus is very encouraging for people like me, who love comics and wish to bring out different themes” he expresses. Raghunath, who is currently working on a sci-fi comic, titled Chipkali, dabbled into advertising before he went to California to become a tech professional. His first feature, Turjya had a limited release and his shorts have been part of film festivals in the US and in France.

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