Commuter shot by goons will have to live with a bullet in his lung

Feb 10, 2014, 07:24 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

25-year-old Mumbra man had received two gunshots after a spat with four men in a local; doctors say extracting the bullet lodged in his lung may disrupt his breathing

Two months after the incident of four men shooting 25-year-old Tabrez Asif Jethwa, it seems the Mumbra resident will carry the evidence of the harrowing night with him for the rest of his life. On December 8, MiD DAY reported how Jethwa sustained two gunshots after the culprits fired at him inside an Ambernath-bound local ('Four goons shoot commuter inside train at Nahur station').

Tabrez Asif Jethwa has approached several doctors but they have advised him against removing the bullet from his lung
Tabrez Asif Jethwa has approached several doctors but they have advised him against removing the bullet from his lung

He was admitted to the civic-run Sion Hospital where he underwent treatment for the exit wound from one of the bullets on his right forearm. But the second bullet that entered his body through his right shoulder is lodged in his lung.

Since his discharge two weeks back, Tabrez has approached doctors from both the civic-run hospital and Lilavati Hospital. However, following tests, doctors have stated that since his condition is stable and the lung is functioning normally, extracting the bullet may worsen his situation.

“After a treatment to reduce the risk of infection to my wounds, I was discharged from Sion Hospital. I wanted to get the bullet removed from my lung, but every doctor that I have approached has advised me against it,” he said.

A doctor from Sion Hospital, on the condition of anonymity, said, “When he had come in with the gunshot wounds, our priority was to control the infection. After his treatment and regular check-ups, his wounds are now healing. It will be better if he leaves the bullet in the lung, as removing it could disrupt the lung’s normal functioning.”

Back to normalcy
Meanwhile, Tabrez has now resumed his normal life and continues to work as a driver at a private company in Bandra. Despite the bullet in his lung, he says his health is unaffected.

The incident
On December 6, Jethwa boarded the luggage compartment of an Ambernath-bound local at Dadar, and got into a spat with four men. When the train arrived at Nahur station, one of them fired two bullets at him. Despite the injuries, Jethwa tried to chase the men, but they fled.

He was then rushed to the hospital by GRP officials. The four accused were identified and arrested in the last week of December. Shivaji Dhumal, senior inspector, Kurla GRP, said, “The four arrested are habitual offenders. We identified them by analysing the CCTV footage and they are currently in police custody.”

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