Complaint against doctor for harassing cops from two police stations

May 31, 2013, 07:05 IST | Akela

Officers-in-charge of Shivaji Park and Wadala Truck Terminus police stations have complained to the DCP of Zone-IV about the forensic expert's high-handedness and unprofessional behaviour

Accusing a prominent city doctor of harassment and misconduct, the police officers-in-charge of Shivaji Park and Wadala Truck Terminus (WTT) police stations have lodged a complaint with Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP Zone IV) Dattatray Karale regarding the physician’s behaviour.

Senior inspectors at both police stations allege that Sion hospital’s assistant professor in forensic medicine Dr Rajesh Dhere’s transgressions have inconvenienced them while conducting their duty.  Dr Khere has denied all allegations, saying the cops have ganged up against him because he doesn’t circumvent rules and regulations at the hospital. The Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, which is also widely and popularly known as Sion Hospital, is a civic-run hospital. 

The tiff
On April 17, BG Kotkar, police inspector at WTT police station complained (copy available with MiD DAY) to the DCP. In his complaint Kotkar has stated that when he sent sub-inspectors Amol Mane and Jarag with the body of one Raju Soni for post-mortem, Dhere refused to perform the autopsy saying that unless the senior inspector of the police station was present, he would not conduct the procedure.

According to Kotkar, despite him coming to the hospital later, Dhere still refused to carry out the autopsy saying that Kotkar wasn’t present during the appropriate time. After Dhere refused to budge from his stance, Kotkar returned to the police station and registered a complaint (copy available with MiD DAY) in the police diary against Dhere. “Dhere terrorises and insults us,” said a police officer from WTT police station, on condition of anonymity.

‘Pay my bill’
Earlier, on March 20, SR Unavane, senior inspector at Shivaji Park police station also complained (copy available with MiD DAY) against Dhere to the Zone-V DCP. According to the complaint, on September 15, 2012, sub-inspectors Nilesh Kamble and Pushpak Ingale were on night duty, and at 1.50 am Dhere telephoned Kamble and ordered him to immediately come to Gokul hotel, Dadar, and pay his restaurant bill. Kamble asked him who he was, to which Dhere introduced himself as the mortuary in-charge of Sion hospital.

Dhere allegedly threatened Kamble asking him no to probe his details too much, else he would telephone DCP Kulkarni, whom he cited as a close friend. The complaint states Dhere as saying: “Perhaps you [Kamble] are new to Shivaji Park police station. In due course of time, you will get to know me better.” After the incident, Kamble too registered a complaint against Dhere in the police station’s diary. “I cannot comment on the lodged complaints, as it an internal communication letter. For an official quote talk to the DCP saheb,” said Unavane.

No consideration
Sub-inspector Pushpak Ingale has also complained (copy available with MiD DAY) against Dhere. According to him, on March 14, 2013, he sent a constable with a body for post-mortem at Sion hospital. But, Dhere refused to perform the autopsy stating the Investigation Officer [Ingale] is not present at the mortuary. Ingale, who was on night duty the previous night and was at home, arrived at the hospital later at 2 pm. But, he was taken aback when Dhere refused to meet him. According to Ingale, after they had received all the documents they learnt that Dhere had performed the post-mortem at 10 am itself, and was only harassing him by asking him to come to the hospital.

The other side
“A police constable does not have the official permission to sign papers, so I call the Investigating Officer. Why will I call a senior police inspector? Also, I never called any police officer to pay my bill. I was with my friend and they paid the bill,” said Dr Rajesh Dhere. “All allegations are false and they are framing me, as I work as per the rules and regulations,” said Dhere.

“I haven’t received any complaint against Dhere. Once a complaint is received, I will take action,” said Dr Avinash Supe, dean at JJ Hospital. 

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