Concrete beam collapses at Monorail site in Mumbai

Jul 18, 2013, 23:38 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

A concrete beam collapsed at 6 am today morning at the Monorail site near Tata Memorial hospital in Parel.

The incident occurred at around 5.30 on Thursday morning, while the contractors were launching the beam on the Mono Rail track between Naigaon and Ambedkar Nagar stations. One end of the beam slipped and rested on the crane.

The officials, engineers and traffic police immediately reached the site and diverted the traffic immediately to avoid any traffic congestion or chaos.

The road was opened to the traffic and restored to normalcy once the beam was shift and the debris cleared.

The Contractors M/s. L&T and M/s. Scomi consortium and the Consultants M/s. Louis Berger Group visited the site and conducted an on-the-spot enquiry of the incident.

According to the contractors, the cause of the incident was the wire rope of the hydraulic crane breaking after getting entangled with the metallic structure.

In a statement to the media, they said, “Beam lifting was in progress using two cranes – Hydraulic and lattice boom. During lifting, the wire rope of the hydraulic crane got entangled with the metallic structure fixed with the pier 1E29. Neither the lifting Supervisor nor the Signalman recognized, due to heavy rains, that the wire rope has already got entangled. The crane operator continued to lift the beam by winding the rope. The rope snapped and one end of the beam rested on the body of the hydraulic crane. The other end of the beam was held by the lattice boom crane. The front side body of the crane and also the beam has been damaged”.

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