Congress Bhavan, near PMC building

Oct 08, 2013, 08:17 IST | The Guide Team

Congress Bhavan has been one of the sites of the Freedom Struggle. In August 1942, the congress annual meet, took place in Mumbai, wherein MG Gandhi was arrested for leading the Chale Jao Andolan

As the Andolan ‘s (movement’s) replications were seen in Pune also, the Congress Bhavan became the chosen site, when for other forms of protest took place during the time British ruled India.

Narayan Vishwanath Dabhade who participated in the Chale Jao movement was a valiant freedom fighter who ran into the Bhavan with the tricolour flag as the British fired on Narayan. In that strife, he lost his life for the nation, becoming a martyr.

A monument is included in the congress bhavan which acts as a tribute. The structure is two-floored and presently is used as the Congress party’s head office.  

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