Congress workers hold protest against recent railway fare hike

Jun 24, 2014, 07:39 IST | Kartikeya Jain, Dimple Bhavsar and Abhishek Dandekar

MPs, MLAs and the state Congress chief gathered at CST to hold a demonstration against the Modi government; tried to repeatedly tell people that the promised 'achhe din' haven't arrived

Sensing an opportunity to shore up its sagging fortunes in the state, the ruling Congress took to railway stations yesterday to protest against the hike in railway fares.

While the Congress protested at CST and its workers travelled to Thane without tickets, the NCP staged a rail roko at Bhandup. Pic/Datta Kumbhar
While the Congress protested at CST and its workers travelled to Thane without tickets, the NCP staged a rail roko at Bhandup. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

State Congress President Manikrao Thakre, along with his party’s MPs, MLAs and workers, protested at CST station. The demonstrators were heard shouting slogans like ‘Modi sarkar aayi hai, bure din laayi hai’ (The Modi government has come and brought bad days with it)

Former Mumbai Congress chief Kripashankar Singh, said, “This government is only interested in stunts and false claims. They have a full majority and have all the means to ensure that the country does well, but they are trying to loot the poor people instead.

They are saying that it was the Congress’ decision to hike the fares, and since they have implemented it, they are conceding the Congress was right. If they think the Congress was wrong, they could have easily not implemented the hike. These are not the good days the people were promised. The bad days have arrived.”

Rajya Sabha MP Hussain Dalwai of the Congress, “It was not (UPA railway minister) Mallikarjun Kharge’s decision to hike the fares and the BJP is just playing games. They came to power and raised the prices of fuel, vegetables and now rail tickets. Where are the good days?”

The Congress leaders’ plan was to travel ticket-less to Thane in a local train from CST, but Thakre and Singh abandoned the protest midway and got down at Ghatkopar. They headed back in their cars.

Datta Jadhav, a bank employee, who was present at CST during the demonstration, said, “The price hike is just unacceptable. The Modi government should definitely roll it back. I am happy that the Congress is finally thinking about the people and doing something for us.”


Surabhi Verma
It seems that my vote for reduction in prices has been in vain. Making a yearly pass before the fare hike is implemented is the only option I can think of, for now.

Ravi Pawar
Tech firm employee
It is really going to be very expensive for me, since my clients are spread across the city. Making different passes for the Central, Western, and Harbour lines will cost me way too much. This hike is absolutely unacceptable.

Ankit Pandey
I have been travelling in trains for quite some time now, and the condition of the trains is just pathetic. I am hoping the price hike will lead to improvement and the provision of more facilities to commuters.

Sameer Parekh
If it has raised fares, the government must surely be thinking of providing better facilities. People must give them more time to do so.

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